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sepulchralvoicesbandsite.png Sepulchral voices was founded during the summer 2012 by two  friends : GP. Angel Reaper (bass & vocals) and Seb. ironfist  (guitar). At the beginning, they just did that for practicing  but after many rehearsals in Angel reaper basement, they  composed fews tracks of raw and primitive black thrash mainly  influenced by the early Sodom releases. After that, they  decided to search for a drummer and after in october 2012, they  found the mighty J. (Goat perversor & vorax virosus). In march  2013, the band recorded a 5 tracks rehearsal demo. After fews  gigs and many liver killing, Sepulchral Voices hit the  Celestial Event Studio, in february 2014 , and recorded 12  tracks for a 7" split with Witch Trail and an EP. We are  Sepulchral Voices, we are back from the grave !!!

Sepulchral Voices' line-up :
Angelreaper Vocals/Bass
Ironfist Guitar
J. Drums


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