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blackforceband.jpg We start BLACK FORCE in Feb. 2014. The  reason is simple - we like the  old..ooold black metal sound and the  cult and we think there not so many  bands like this. only the high  production shit and corpsepaint  idiots. so we start recording our demo  "cult of the bloodstone". We recording  all with one shitty mic - so the sound  is terrible...awesome! So in march  2014 we recording our EP "keep the  banner of old high" and the title is  what you get. and now we search for a  label to release a 7" or a full-length  LP and we search for live members to  bring our music on stage.

Cult of the Bloodstone's line-up :
Sodomancer Drums/Guitar
Necro Messiah (Fjalar) Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Sounds Drums


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